Saturday. 12.20.14

Looks like it’s going to be a nice little Saturday.

MOB: Dynamic Mobility with Coach

WU: 10 wallballs. 10 medball situps to throw. 200m medball run.

REVIEW: Wallballs. Medball situps to throw.

C: For time:

100 wallballs 20/14

100 medball situp to throw 20/14

1 mile medball run 20/14 (medball must be on your shoulder)

*You may break up the situps and wallballs anyway you wish.


LIII: 75 reps @ rx’d weights.

LII: 100 reps @ weight of choice.

LI: 75 reps at weight of choice. 800m run okay (medball optional).

PWMOB: Full body rollout or 9am yoga with Marty!

Advanced: 150 reps of each at rx’d weights.

Endurance: None

10:30AM WAR OF THE WODS COMP PREP: (Anybody can come!)

Practice barbell walk.

10 minutes of bench press practice.

10 minutes of snatch practice.

3 rounds for reps:

Max Cleans in :60/rest :60 135/95

Max HSPU in :60/rest :60

Max C2B pullups in :60/rest :60

Max Double Unders in :60/rest :60

COOL DOWN: Grab a partner. Race:

50 burpees to a target per team

1000m row per team (must switch partners at 500m mark)

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