Saturday. 4.4.15

MOB: Dynamic mobility with coach.

WU: 20 wall pulls/leg. 400m run.

REVIEW: Atlas Stone Lift to Over The Shoulder

C: In Teams*:
AMRAP in 25:00 of:

115# Over The Shoulder Atlas Stone Tosses. 10 reps/4 reps
(Each Team Member performs all their OTS Atlas Stone Tosses before running. You may break these up amongst each other however you want as long as EACH TEAM MEMBER COMPLETES ALL OF THEIR OTS Stone Tosses before you all run together.)

800m run (Teams run together as a unit.)

*Teams can have as many people as you want.

PURPOSE: Fun. Team communication. High fives. Throw things. Black out on freedom.

LIII: 95

LII: 65

LI: Weights of choice. 400m run/walks okay.

PWMOB: Full Body Rollout.

Chisel: Same

Advanced: Same

Endurance: Same



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