Saturday. 5.2.15

WU: Dynamic mobility with Coach. 20 wall pulls/leg. 400m run.

REVIEW: Movements for the day.

C: For time:

1 mile run
5 rope climbs (or 20 strict pullups)
50 8-count bodybuilders
100 air squats
100 4-count flutter kicks
1 mile run

* You may break up the movements between the runs any way you wish.

LII: 20 supine ring rows (feet on a 12″ box). 35 8-count bodybuilders. 75 air squats. 75 4-count flutter kicks.

LI: 800m run/walks. 20 ring rows. 25 8-count bodybuilders. 50 air squats. 50 4-count flutter kicks.

PWMOB: Full body rollout.

Chisel: Same.

Advanced: You must complete all reps of the movement before moving on to the next movement.

Endurance: None.

M2B: Rest

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