Saturday. 9.10.16

MOB: Full body
WU: Review Movements

In Teams of 2-4 people. The Hunger Games:

Max Distance Laps around the parking lot with the Prowler Push (loaded with a total of 90#) in 4:00 (2 Teams race at the same time)
Rest 2:00
Max Tire Flips in 4:00 (Team 1 does this for 2:00 and rests. Team 2 does this for 2:00 and rests. Whichever Team pushes the Prowler the farthest gets to rest first.)
Rest 2:00
Max Sledgehammer swings in 4:00
Rest 2:00
Max Calories Rowed in 4:00

Call time.

Each Member on The Team with the highest average score wins a pair of CTF Bad Ass Socks.*

*Coach Picks Teams

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