Saturday. 9.13.14

WU: Dynamic mobility with coach. 400m run.

REVIEW: Medball situp to throw and partner wallball.

C: For time. In teams of 2.

1.5 mile run (both teammates run)

150 MB situps to throw (alternating partners) 20/14

1 mile run (both teammates run)

100 MB situps to throw (alternating partners) 20/14

400m MB run (both teammates run, you may switch who carries the MB at any time)

40 partner wallballs (alternating partners) 20/14

LIII: 1 mile run. 100 MB situps to throw.

LII: LIII at weight of choice.

LI: Weight of choice.

1200m run/walk

100 MB situps to throw

800m run/walk

50 MB situps to throw

400m run/walk

40 partner wallballs

PWMOB: Full body rollout or take the 9:30am mobility class

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