Spartans! Prepare For Glory! The CTF Agoge Program Begins July 27!

Calling all Spartans!

The CTF Agoge (Ah-Go-Kee) Program begins on July 27th!

This Spartan Race Preparatory Course is geared toward peaking you for the Asheville 8 mile BEAST on August 29. It will be co-led by Coach Morgan Bass (who has done several Spartan Races!) and Coach Jeff Ford (CTF’s run mechanics instructor and Endurance guru!).

In Spartan society, the Agoge is where boys, at the age of 7, were taken from home and placed in order to learn how to be Spartan warriors. The schooling lasted over ten years.

Our program won’t be that intense (you can go home every night!) but it will be fun, you will learn how to overcome the obstacles you will face (both on the Spartan course and in life!) and you will get prepared for “battle” on August 29.

Bring a friend to train with you during the Agoge Program and let them know they are more than welcome to sign up for the Asheville Spartan Race and run with the CTF Team on August 29!


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