The 2014 CTF Fall League Wrap Up

What an incredible 6 week journey to find out who the best is.

It was a great fight last night, all four teams- The OG’s, Boots and Pants, Power and Pace and Bad News Bear Crawls- going to town during the semi-finals. As the burpee pullups began to take their toll and the wallballs at ten foot heights for the ladies began to set in, it was awesome watching the teams set their heels and dig in to the end.

The OG’s and Power and Pace met in the finals ten minutes after the semi’s ended:

For time:
51 deadlifts @255# (just the guys)
1500m row (just the girls)
51 HSPU (as a Team, a boy must follow a girl and a girl must follow a boy)

The OG’s came out a blistering deadlift pace and Power and Pace, down a teammate, just could not recover after a phenomenal rowing display set by Kate Nolan and Robin Runkle. The OG’s won in the finals and Power and Pace, in a epic show of reseliency and class, decided to continue the workout all the way to the end even though they already knew the results.

What an inspiring six weeks made possible by everyone of you that competed and came out to watch or help! A super special thanks to all of our judges and supporters who came out week after week to help us run this League and cheer on these fantastic athletes. I would personally like to thank Chris Cooper from Catalyst Fitness who spawned this idea with his Summer League and Martin Catalioto from CrossFit 843 who came in week after week to help judge, competed as a fill in, and was so inspired by you guys that he took this idea to his gym as well.

You guys and girls were amazing. I hope more of you decide to either do this or come out and support your Army teammates next year. Thank you for honoring the very idea of all this with your awesome effort. I salute you.

The 2014 Fall League Final Standings:

1. The OG’s- Captain: Kate Nolan. Robin Runkle. Mike Christensen. Cooper Cram.

2. Power and Pace- Captain: Jeff Ford. Phil Stringer. Lindsay Martin. Christine Clark.

3. Bad News Bear Crawls- Captain: David Nussbaum. Matt Wilhite. Gretchen Mando. Liz Arnot.

4. Boots and Pants- Captain: Jason Todd. Sydney Wan. Stephanie Coppage. Megan Lee Dorman

5. Knuckle Sammich- Captain: Kiley Fusco. Ashley Wester. Tony Crosetto. Dan Condell.

6. Figure It Out- Captain: Courtenay Casson. Kim Stanziola. Mike Manesiotis. Luke Martin.

7. Beasts and Broads- Captain: Morgan Bass. Brendan Reilley. Mary Mezera. Karla Williams.


I guess the only question left is… who will rise next fall…?


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