The CTF Fall League. Week 4.


In case some of you wonder… who the best is… their name is gonna be on that plaque.

This week is “NPGLly”, a grid league style relay race. I’ve changed the format slightly from our meeting. (You’re welcome.)

For time:

Pullups 25(M)/15(F)

Ground to overhead ladder

Hand Release Pushups 50(M)/35(F)


  • Ladies will go first as a team of two.
  • All reps of the movement must be completed before moving on to the next movement.
  • You may change out same sex partners any time you want, as many times as you want. You will do this by tagging hands with your partner.
  • As soon as the last female hand release pushup is completed, males may begin on the pullup bar. Males will go as a team of two and the above rules apply.
  • The time ends when the male team of two finishes the last pushup,

The Twist:

The G2OH ladder will look like this:

6 reps at 135/95

5 reps at 155/105

4 reps at 165/115

3 reps at 175/125

2 reps at 185/135

There will be 5 barbell stations. Team members are responsible for changing their own weights when transitioning from female to male. You can change weights as soon as the athlete has completed all reps at the required load. All weights will be laid out ahead of time off to the side of the grid. Weights must be clipped on.


Heat 1:

Knuckle Sandwich v. OG’s v. Boots & Pants

Heat 2:

Beasts and Broads v. Power & Pace

Heat 3:

Bad News Bear Squats v. Figure It Out

P.S. Super special treat tonight. You WON’T WANT TO MISS IT!

PLUS, don’t forget, we get together at Carolina Crab Company in Palmetto Bay Marina and scare people with our broad, sexy backs and our schweatty selves! Don’t be lame and go take a shower. Own your stinky awesomeness and scare the masses!

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