The Get GymNasty Gymnastics Course Arrives!

Forge a body Greek gods would envy. Develop self-confidence and skills that ninjas would fear!

There is nothing like gymnastics to:

  • Teach you how to move your body through space
  • Develop amazing strength
  • Create a fantastic physique
  • Dramatically increase stamina and self-confidence

Just take a look at this JFK-inspired high school Physical Education program from 1962! It’s tantamount to becoming a modern day ninja!

And CTF has teamed up with Island Gymastics owner and 20-plus year gymnastics coach, Julie Stone, to put the “Nasty” back in gymnastics!

The first ever “Get GymNasty” Gymnastics Course at CTF is broken up into four 90-minute sessions and will also include homework sessions.

Course work will focus on practicing and perfecting forward and backward rolls, hollow position, kip swings, partner stretching, handstand holds (pushups and walks as well!), pistols, planches and so much more!

The course culminates in a field trip to Island Gymnastics’ tumbling mats, apparatus and foam pit for a ridiculously good time playing with all your new nasty ninja skills!

This program is open to members and non-members of CTF. No gymnastics experience is necessary.

But space is extremely limited!

The Get GymNasty Gymnastics Course begins May 13. Click here to sign up!


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