The Power of Paying It Forward

by Craig Hysell


The CrossFit Open is over. You finished. Congratulations!

If you’re anything like me you’re left feeling full of gratitude for what you learned about yourself, your friends and this family of ours. And, if you’re anything like me, you’ve got a new “hunger” about you to improve some things in your life.

Doing The Open with you all inspired me to get healthier, made me happier and I’m downright excited to pursue the best version of myself with renewed passion and self-awareness. Thanks, Army! Thanks, Castro!

Now that The Open is over, we are all refocused on getting awesomer. At CTF, workout “scores” are cool, but we play “the long game”: our training program is predicated on commitment, joy, discipline, positivity and empowerment. It’s not just about competing in The Open, it’s about being active for the rest of our lives.

So, we take our enthusiasms from The Open and roll right into April full steam ahead. At CTF, we have Swole Sisters and Project (M)ANIMAL coming up mid-April.

TNT Bootcamp is getting a sexy new programming makeover this month and “The BOOM” will form one of the pillars of our “Six Week Summer Slim Down” you’ll be hearing more about later.

PrimalFit relaunches on Saturdays at 10am beginning April 9.

We have more exciting programs coming up like our Family Fitness Night, our Youth Athletic Conditioning Series, our Bridge Program and our NEW Wellness Membership that you’ll hear more and more about this month. There’s even MORE in the hopper for you, but I don’t want to melt your face just yet.

This is all well and good for our Army Family, but what about everybody else out there?

See, I know that together we can do more. Be more. Lead more. Learn more. Love more.

Beginning on Monday, April 18, for one week, I’ll present us with one small, service-based task with each Daily Workout post. Do them. You and I will make someone else happy (and ourselves happier in the process)!

These will be simple things, but the reward of adding a little happy to our healthy will be worth ten times the effort.

We, and other gyms like us, call this, “Fit It Forward.”

Beginning, April 18, for the next five days, our mission won’t be limited to barbells, pull-ups and sprints. Our real mission, in the aftermath of the Open, is to spread joy to our family, our friends and our neighbors. Hugs.

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