The Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Running Coach

Jeffrey (JFord) Ford is a phenomenal human being, a great competitor and an amazing running coach. I don’t think you who know Jeffrey from CrossFit Hilton Head understand that he travels the country for CrossFit Endurance HQ teaching seminars on the weekends to top CF athletes like Rich Froning, Dan Bailey, Graham Holmberg, as well as hundreds of other athletes of all shapes, sizes, abilities and backgrounds and yet you have him quite literally at your disposal any time you need him. He gets calls and emails from all over the country asking him for advice on endurance sports and imploring him for remote coaching opportunities. And yet, we at CFHH get to see him every day.

We are very lucky to have JFord on our team. The next installment of CFHH’s Endurance Performance Series begins on July 16. Both classes will be coached by JFord.
You can sign up for this amazing program here. You are guaranteed to learn something and improve for cheaper than most of the world gets to. Especially if you are already a member of CFHH! Membership has its privileges! Don’t lose out on this next great running experience brought to you by Jeffrey Ford and the CrossFit Hilton Head Team.

For the Top 5 Reasons To Hire a Running Coach, click here.

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