The Top 5 Reasons Why Your CTF Intramural Open Excuses Won’t Work

by Craig Hysell

A trend is rising. It is disturbing me. I have miscommunicated my intentions. We need to lop the head of this ugly monster.

The goal of the CTF Intramural Open is to have a BLAST as a community, not worrying about winning things or performing to some crazy, scary, high standard you have set for yourself in your mind. If you can workout here, you can do The CTF Intramural Open!

Here are the Top 5 Reasons YOU (YES YOU!) CAN Do The CTF Intramural Open:

Excuse #1: I can’t workout on Saturdays. That may be true, but you can still be a part of YOUR INTRAMURAL TEAM! Set up a time with a coach and you can get your workout judged at a private training time. You can do this in loo of your regular workout on Friday or Monday. We also have a PT room available all day long!

Excuse #2: I don’t know what Level to do? This is easy. What level do you normally do in class? Level 3 and above, go prescribed. Level 2, do scaled. Level 1, do beginner. If you can live through our workouts each day (not so surprisingly, all of you do this, AND YOU CONTINUE TO GET AWESOMER!), you can do The CTF Intramural Open!

Excuse #3: I might not be able to do all the movements. Boy I can relate to this one. Here’s a secret: me neither. I haven’t been training at all. I’ve been building you all a new gym and not sleeping at all since mid-December. But I still want to party with my friends and MOVE with my buds. I don’t care how I do, at all. And if I get to a point that I can’t do something, I’m going to stop. I will use this as a snapshot for my progress next year. I’m not worried about it all. I’m in it for the friends and enjoyment of The Process, you should be too! I want you there with me!

Excuse #4: I’m afraid and I’m trying to find other excuses not to do this so nobody can tell I’m afraid. Everybody gets scared. Even me. But you will surprise yourself. You will find more about yourself in the month of March than you have all last year. Think about THAT for a moment. I have never not cared about you. I have never not put you in a position where you can learn and succeed. GO. DO this!

Excuse #5: I don’t know how to sign up. Easy!
RX’D (If you normally do Level 3 or above in class): Sign up here. List CrossFit Hilton Head as your affiliate. You have to do nothing else once you sign up here. You’re in!
Scaled (If you normally do Level 2 in class): Sign up here. Once you do, you’re in!
Beginner (If you normally do Level 1 in class): Sign up here. Once you do, you’re in!

Do your best. Live without fear. Be there for others.
In the end, you will have lived well. SIGN UP!

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