Thursday. 10.29.14

MOB: Ankles. Hamstrings. Hips. T-spine. Shoulders.

WU: 10 BB deadlifts. 10 BB thrusters. 10 pullups.

REVIEW: Deadlift. Thruster. Row technique.

S: Deadlift. WU to 60% then: 10-10-10 tap and go lifts.

C: “Jackie”

For time:

1000m row

50 thrusters 45/35

30 pullups

This workout has a 10:00 cap. Coaches, stagger your start times on the rowers. Fastest athletes first, additional heats going every 4-5 minutes.

PURPOSE: CF benchmark fun.

LIII: 35 thrusters at rx’d weights. 20 pullups.

LII: Weights and subs of choice at rx’d rep scheme

LI: Weights and subs of choice at LIII rep scheme. 750m row okay.

PWMOB: Rollout forearms, lats, C/S/B.

Advanced: None

Endurance: None

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