Thursday. 2.5.15

MOB: Ankles. Calves. Hamstrings. Hip Flexors. T-spine. Shoulders.

WU: 1:00 of single unders. 2 rounds of :30 work/:30 rest of double unders. 5 HSPU. 5 Pushup.


S: Hang Power Clean. 15 minutes to a heavy 3RM.

C: Ascending Ladder in 10:00 of:

2 Pushups
4 Double Unders

(Then, 2,4,8… 4,8,16… 8,16,32… 16,32,64… etc. how far can you get?)

LIII: Just add one extra HSPU rep/round instead of multiple reps. (Round 2 would be 2 HSPU, Round 3 would be 3 HSPU, etc.)

LII: Subs of choice at rx’d rep scheme. (If you are doing wall walks, one additional wall walk rep/round instead of multiples is fine.)

LI: Subs of choice at LIII rep scheme.  Attempts count on double unders. If doing single unders for toe taps to a plate start at 12 singles. (Round 2 would be 24, Round 3 would be 48, Round 4 would be 96, etc.)

PWMOB: Rollout shoulders and calves. Stretch shoulders and calves.

Advanced: None.

Endurance: None


S: HPC to a medium weight or 5×5 RKB is fine.
C: DB shoulder press is fine instead of HSPU. Calorie Row instead of Double Unders.

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