Thursday. 5.28.15

What a day. What a lovely day!

MOB: Full body.
WU: 10 pushups. 5 HSPU. 5 Strict Pullups.
R: Floor Press. HSPU. Strict Pullups.

S: 3 rounds. Max floor press at 65% of your 2RM in :30. Rest 2:30.
C: In as few sets as possible:
40 strict HSPU
60 strict pullups
*Start with the HSPU. Do as many as you can/want. Transition immediately to strict pull-ups. Do as many as you can/want. HSPU stop when your feet come off the wall. Pullups stop when your feet rest on the ground/box/J-cup.
Rest as long as you like before undertaking the next set (if another set is needed). Record total # of sets to board.

LIII: 20 HSPU. 40 Strict Pullups.
LII: Rx’d rep scheme at subs of choice.
LI: LIII rep scheme at subs of choice.

PWMOB: Lax ball in C/S/B/Forearms. Roll out lats.

S: 3 rounds. Every 3:00 Max DB floor press in :30 at wt of choice + 200m sprint.

Advanced: Strict Deficit HSPU off of 45# plates.
Endurance: None

S: 3 rounds. Every 3:00 max DB bench press in :30.
C: 5 rounds of:
:30 headstand or handstand hold (or max strict DB shoulder press)
:30 of max pull-ups.
Rest 2:00

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