Thursday. 9.24.14

MOB: Shoulders. T-spine. Hips. Hamstrings. Ankles.


5 pullups

5 BB BTN Press

5 BB power snatch from below the knee

REVIEW: Power Snatch. RKB. Pullup.

S: Power Snatch. 15 minutes to a new 1RM.

C: For Time

30 RKBS 70/53

20 pullups

20 RKBS 70/53

20 pullups

10 RKBS 70/53

20 pullups


PURPOSE: This workout should be very difficult. Pick substitutions and rep schemes that challenge you (be smart)!

LIII: 15 pullups per round

LII: 10 pullups per round. Sub of choice okay. (Try something harder!) Weight of choice. (Go a little heavier!)

LI: 15 pullups per round at sub of choice. Weight of choice okay.

PWMOB: Lax ball in C/S/B/Forearms. Rollout lats. Walk flat palms up wall to stretch forearms.

Advanced: C2B pullups

Endurance: 53/35.

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