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2 years ago

CTF Gym Tour

Conviction Training Facility in Hilton Head Island is home of The Original CrossFit Hilton Head. Take the gym tour and see all the sweetness inside!...

2 years ago

CTF Stories: Annika

Annika talks about CTF's Youth Athlete Program and how it has helped her with her goal of becoming an elite level soccer player....

2 years ago

The Training Log

In a world of apps, sometimes it's just easier the old-fashioned way. Craig talks about how he formats his training log for ease of use....

2 years ago

The Reverse Hyper

The Reverse Hyper is more than just a makeshift coffee table. Use this magnificent tool designed by strength guru Louie Simmons to strengthen as well as decompress the lower back on "heavy" days or to rehabilitate an injury....

2 years ago

Low Box Squat To Help Correct Hip Imbalance

Do you find one hip rising faster than the other in your barbell squat? Try this simple technique to help alleviate the issue. I recommend light weight at high reps (12-15) to build technique, joint, bone and tendon strength,...

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