Tuesday. 12.22.15

MOB: Full body mobility
WU: 5 BB strict press. 5 BB shoulder to overhead. 2:00 jump rope/double under practice
R: Movements

S: Strict Shoulder Press. 15:00 to find a 1RM.
C: For time:
15 S20H at 90% of today’s 1RM
100 double unders
12 S2OH at 90% of today’s 1RM
75 double unders
9 S2OH at 90% of today’s 1RM
50 double unders

LIII: 60 double unders each round.
LII: 40 double unders each round.
LI: 2:00 of double under attempts count/jump rope/toe taps each round

PWMOB: Lax ball in C/S/B. Stretch triceps. Stretch calves. Rollout calves.

S: EMOM for 15:00. 3 strict DB shoulder Press + 6 pushups.
C: Same. Sub DB push press instead of S2OH

Advanced: UB DU
Endurance: None

S: Strict Shoulder Press. 5×5.
C: 3 rounds of:
12 Push Press
500m row

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