Tuesday. 12.23.14

MOB: Ankles. Hamstrings. Hips. T-spine. Shoulders.

WU: 5 AKB swings. 5 4-count flutter kicks. 400m run.

REVIEW: Strict Press. AKB swings. Flutter kicks.

S: Strict Press (from the ground). 5 rounds. :30 work/:30 rest. 95/65.

LI: Weight of choice.

C: 3 RFT:

25 AKB swings 53/35

25 4-count flutter kicks

400m run

LIII: 15 AKB swings at rx’d weight.

LII: 25 AKB swings at weight of choice.

LI: 15 AKB swings at weight of choice. 15 4-count flutter kicks. 200m run/walk.

PWMOB: Full body rollout.

Advanced: None

Endurance: 35/18

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