Tuesday. 12.8.15

MOB: Full body
WU: 15 pushups. 2:00 of jump rope/double under practice

S: HSPU. EMOM FOR 10:00 of 4 strict HSPU + 2 Kipping HSPU
LIII: 4 strict HSPU off of 1 or 2 abmats
LII: 2 wall walks + :05 Handstand hold at the top of each wall walk in a tight, hollow body position
LI: 6 4-point HSPU or 6 heavy DB press.

C: 6 rounds. Every 2:00 perform the following:
15 pushups
51 double unders

LIII: 10 pushups
LII: Pushup sub of choice at reps of choice. 30 double unders
LI: Pushup sub of choice at reps of choice. :40 of double under attempts/jump rope/toe taps

PWMOB: Rollout calves and shoulders. Stretch hamstrings and triceps.

Chisel: Same.

S: HSPU. EMOM for 10:00 of 3 strict wall facing HSPU or 3 Paoli Press to Kick.
C: Ring pushups. UB DU

Endurance: None
S: Strict DB Press. 5 reps EMOM for 10:00.
C: 6 rounds of:
10 DB Bench Press
10 calorie row

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