Tuesday. 3.10.15

MOB: Ankles. Hamstrings. Hips. T-spine. Shoulders.

WU: 3 BB Hang to OH. 6 Pushups. 9 OTB burpees

REVIEW: G2OH. Pushups. OTB burpees

S: G20H. 15 minutes to a heavy single.

C: 10 RFT of:
3 G20H at 70% of day’s heavy single.
6 pushups
9 OTB burpees (both feet OTB at the same time)

LIII: 8 rounds at rx’d.

LII: 10 rounds at weight of choice. 3 pushups or 6 pushups sub of choice.

LI: 10 rounds at weight of choice. Hang okay. 6 pushups at sub of choice. 9 OTB burpees (step over or squat thrusts okay)

PWMOB: Lax ball in C/S/B/Forearms. Stretch hamstrings, shoulders.

Advanced: None

Endurance: None


S: Push Press. 5×5 at medium weight.

C: 10 RFT:

3 AKB swings at weight of choice
6 Pushups off a bench
9 Squat Thrusts

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