Tuesday. 5.12.15

MOB: Full body mobility.

WU: 2:00 jump rope.
REVIEW: Split Jerk. B/R pushup. Max burpee box jumps.

S: Split Jerk. 15 minutes to a 1RM.

C: For reps:

Max B/R pushups in 4:00. Rest 2:00.

Max Burpee box jumps in 4:00. 24/20 (step up/step downs recommended)

LII: Height of choice.

LI: Sub of choice. Height of choice.

PWMOB: Lax ball in C/S/B/G. Pigeon pose.


S: 5 rounds: Every 3:00 perform 5 DB push jerks + 20 situps.

C: Same.

Advanced: Ring dips.

Endurance: None


S: 5×10 DB strict press
C: For reps:

Max pushups off a bench in 4:00. Rest 2:00.

Max Squat thrusts box step and step downs in 4:00.

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