Wednesday. 7.8.15

Live free.

MOB: Full body mobility.
WU: 1:00 jump rope. 5 pullups. 10 sit-ups. 20 wall pulls/leg. 400m run.
R: Pullups. Situps. Run technique.

C: For time and reps:
Buy In: 50 double unders + 1 mile run
Max pullups in 2:00
Max situps in 4:00
Cash Out: 1 mile run + 50 double unders

LII: Subs of choice.
LI: :60 of double unders or single unders + 800m run.
Max pull-ups at sub of choice in :60
Max situps in 4:00.
800m run + :60 of double unders or single unders

PWMOB: Full body rollout.

Chisel: Same
Advanced: 100 double unders
Endurance. 1.5 mile runs

The Mar: Accumulate 30:00 of walking (preferably outside) today.

Listen up. Get better. Fix this if it flares up!

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