Tuesday. 8.4.15

MOB: Full body mobility
WU: 6 burpees. Review clean and jerk

S: Clean and Jerk (:02 pause above knee). 20:00 to a 1RM.
C: EMOM for 10:00 of:
2 C&J at 80% of today’s 1RM
Max burpees in :20
Record weight of Clean & Jerk and reps completed + total burpees

LI: Squat thrusts and weight of choice okay.

PWMOB: Stretch hamstrings. Couch stretch. Lax ball in C/S/B/G/Forearms.

S: 5 rounds of 10 kb snatch (alternating arms) + 10 pushups.
C: EMOM for 10:00 of:
3 KB or DB thrusters
Max burpees in :20

Advanced: None
Endurance: None

S: Strength of choice
C: Chisel with squat thrusts, not burpees.

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