Tuesday. 9.16.14

MOB: Ankles. Hamstrings. Hips. Shoulders. Shoulders for Front Rack.


5 BB hang power cleans

5 BB push press

REVIEW: Push Press. Power Cleans. Burpees.

S: Push Press. Take 20 minutes to find a new 1 RM. WU. 5×50% 5×60% 3×70% 3×80% 1×90%. 1-1-1.

C: EMOM for 10 minutes:

3 power cleans at 80% of your 1RM

6 burpees

Record total reps completed

LIII: 75%

LII: Weight of choice.

LI: Hang power clean okay. Squat Thrusts okay. Weight of choice.

PWMOB: Lax ball in C/S/B/Forearms. Rollout Calves. Firelog stretch.

Advanced: 85% if below 275/185. 80% if above 275/185

Endurance: None

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