Wednesday. 1.14.15

MOB: Dynamic mobility with coach.

WU: 3 minutes of Turkish Get Up practice at weight of choice. Alternate arms every 2-3 reps. 400m run.

REVIEW: TGU. OH Lunge. OH Plate Situps (plate shall touch the ground at full extension and NOT MOVE PAST THE OVERHEAD POSITION WHEN TRANSITIONING TO FULL FLEXION. Keep the plate locked out overhead at full flexion.)

C: 6 RFT of:

20 OH Lunges (standing in place, alternating legs) 45/25

25 OH Plate Situps 45/25

400m run

PURPOSE: Even more Grit.

LIII: 12 reps of each movement at rx’d weights.

LII: Rx’d reps of each movement at weight of choice.

LI: 12 reps of each movement at weight of choice. 200m run/walks okay.

COOL DOWN: (Do this on a voluntary basis, this is not mandatory) Max T2B in :60. How did this compare to last week?

PWMOB: Full body rollout.

Advanced: Wear a 20# vest.

Endurance: 35/15

The Mar: Accumulate a 5 minute walk in 10 minutes.

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