Wednesday. 1.21.15

CT. (Don’t watch if bad language disturbs you. You are missing a great message though.)

MOB: Dynamic mobility with coach.

WU: 400m run.

REVIEW: TGU. OH Lunge. OH Plate Situps

S: Take 10 minutes to find a max BB TGU (must complete the weight with both arms!)

C: AMRAP in 25:00 of:

10 barbell windshield wipers 75/55

20 barbell lunges (standing in place, alternating legs) 75/55

40 mountain climbers (alternating legs)

400m run

PURPOSE: Even more Grit.

LII: Weight of choice.

LI: Weight of choice. 200m run/walks okay.

COOL DOWN: (Do this on a voluntary basis, this is not mandatory) Max T2B in :60. How did this compare to last week?

PWMOB: Full body rollout.

Advanced: 95/65

Endurance: None

The Mar: Accumulate a 6 minute walk in 10 minutes.

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