Wednesday. 12.10.14

Motivation. As our buddy Shane says, Keep Fueling the Fire!

MOB: 6:00 Dynamic mobility with coach

WU: 400m run.

REVIEW: T2B. L-hold off pullup bars. Plank hold.

S: EMOM for 8:00: Max T2B in :15. Can you beat last week’s numbers?

LI: Sub of choice.

C: For time:

1 mile run

3:00 L-Hold off pullup bars (accumulated)

5:00 Plank Hold (accumulated, no elbows)

1 mile run

PURPOSE: C/R Endurance. Mental Toughness. Embrace the miracle of gymnastic-based isometrics for your amazing six pack (and entire thoracic cavity). Look good. Feel good. Oughta be in Hollywood.

LIII: L-hold sub of choice. Plank from elbows.

LII: :90 L hold at sub of choice. 4:00 Plank Hold (no elbows)

LI: 800m run/walks. :90 L-hold at sub of choice or 75 situps. 4:00 Plank Hold (elbows okay)

PWMOB: Full body rollout.

Advanced: L-hold off rings. Plank hold off of rings. (If you can hold an unbroken 3:00 Iron Cross instead of an L-hold you don’t have to run or do anything else. Ever. It’s official, you’re not human.)

Endurance: None

The Mar: Stand for :90.

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