Wednesday. 12.24.14


Smiling’s my favorite!

MOB: 6 minute Dynamic Mobility with Coach.

WU: 200m run.

REVIEW: All movements with coach.

C: For time: 12 days of Christmas*

1 200m run

2 Power Cleans 155/105

3 OTB burpees (both feet over the bar at the same time)

4  Back Squats  155/105

5 Deadlifts 155/105

6 Pushups

7 Pullups

8 4-count mountain climbers

9 T2B

10 burpees to a target

11 C2B pullups

12 S2OH 155/105

*On the first day of Christmas, perform a 200m run
On the 2nd day, peform a 200m run and 2 Power Cleans
On the 3rd day, perform a 200m run, 2 Power Cleans and 3 OTB burpees
On the 4th day, perform a 200m run, 2 Power Cleans, 3 OTB burpees and 4 Back Squats.
On the 5th day… you get the picture. Go to 12!

LIII: Weight of choice. *Defer to your most difficult movement when choosing load for the day.

LII: Weight of choice, subs of choice.

LI: 100m runs. Weight of choice, subs of choice.

PWMOB: Full body rollout.

Advanced: 11 muscle ups

Endurance: 115/75

The Mar: Have a Merry Christmas!


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