Wednesday. 2.3.16

MOB: Full body mobility
WU: 6 T2B. 6 4-count mountain climbers. 2:00 of jump rope/double under practice
R: Rowing.

C: In Teams:
How many double unders can you get in 4:00 (one person works at a time)?
How many T2B can you get in 8:00 (one person works at a time)?
How far can you row and how many 4-count mountain climbers (knees to chest) can you do in 12:00 (one person rows at a time, one person does mountain climbers at a time.)?

– Your Team can have as many people as you want on it.
– 2 double under attempts OR 10 single unders or 10 toe taps = 1 double under
– 3 knees to triceps, knees to chest or hanging knee raises OR 6 situps = 1 T2B

PWMOB: Full body rollout.

Chisel: Same
Advanced: Same
Endurance: Same

The Mar: Accumulate 30:00 of walking today.

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