Wednesday. 4.29.15

“Your opinion of yourself becomes your reality…”


MOB: Ankles. Hamstrings. Hips. T-spine. Shoulders.

WU: 5 T2B. 6 MB TGU (alternating arms). 400m run.

REVIEW: T2B. Medicine Ball Turkish Get Up. 

S: EMOM for 8:00. Max T2B in :15

C: For time:

1 mile medball run 20/14

100 v-ups

50 MB TGU (alternating arms) 20/14


LIII: 75 v-ups. 35 MB TGU.

LII: Weight of choice and scaling of choice at rx’d rep scheme.

LI: Weight of choice and scaling of choice at LIII rep scheme.

PWMOB: Full body rollout.

Chisel: Same

Advanced: Wear a 20# vest

Endurance. 2 mile run (no medball)

The Mar: Accumulate 20:00 of walking (preferrably outdoors) today.


S: EMOM for 8:00. Max Hanging knee raises in :15

C: Not for time:

1600m row
100 B/R standing crunches
50 “suitcase” lunges (alternating legs) with dumbell weight of choice

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