Wednesday. 8.9.17

MOB: Dynamic mobility
WU: Review the movements.

C: AMRAP in 30:00:
400m run
25 Air Squats to a medicine ball or 12″ box*
25 Leg Raises
25 Sit Ups

*If your mobility allows for this. You are not ready for a high volume of full depth air squat if the ROM hinders your technique, i.e. butt winks, on the toes, knees coming in, chest falling forward, joint pain, etc. Just set the target higher.

Option 1: 20 reps of each
Option 2: 15 reps of each
Option 3: Rx’d reps, alternate between 200s/400s

PWMOB: Full body rollout

Advanced: Weighted situps (dumbbell at chest, weight of choice, technique and proper range of motion are more important than weight)
Endurance: Alternate between 400s and 800s

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