Wednesday. 9.30.15

MOB: Full body mobility
WU: 2 minutes of jump rope. 400m run.
R: Evil wheels. Standing Broad Jump.

S: Take 5 attempts to find your max distance standing broad jump.
(Coach will set up starting line and tape measure. Broad jump as far as you can and measure your best leap! Get those hips to open up and land like a ninja!)
C: For reps and time:
Max evil wheels in 3:00 95/65
2 mile run.

LII: Distance of choice.
LI: Max situps in 3:00. Distance of choice.

PWMOB: Full body mobility

Chisel: Same
Advanced: None
Endurance: Interval Repeats. 400m hard + 400m jog for 2 miles.

S: Stretch.
C: 40 hanging knee raises + 16:00 row for meters.

The Mar: Accumulate 30:00 of walking (preferably outside) today.

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