Wellness Wednesday – Let’s Play I SPY in 2015

Every year we are hit with different food trends.  Just like those cropped tank tops were “in” this past year, there are upcoming foodie trends we can be aware of for 2015 once we hit the grocery store.  I can only hope these are better in relation to cropped tanks that demoralize females, but chances are there will still be an eat more message delivered by the American food industry.   To give everyone a heads up on what’s to come, I’m going to create a unique set of foods/dietary plans that were popular during 2014, but potentially out for 2015 and followed by a comment or tip.

OUT:  Quinoa.

IN: All ancientish grains, including quinoa.  Millet, barley, kamut, spelt, amaranth, farro, buckwheat, kaniwa, and more.

COMMENT:  The quinoa popularity really kicked off when the Paleo and Gluten-Free dietary plans came to a forefront.  Don’t be fooled by products such as Cheerios + Ancient Grains (1 of 50 new products to hit shelves by General Mills in 2015) or super grains found in the Quaker Oats Maple Pecan Raisin Oatmeal…you would be better off cooking off your own millet, amaranth, kaniwa, etc. and adding your own berries and nuts.

2014 TREND:  Gluten-Free.

TO BE CONTINUED:  Gluten-Free++++ (Supercharged!!).

COMMENT:  Gluten-free brownies, chex mix, granolas, cereals, bread products, energy bars, and more are going to become more popular than ever.  Another thing you will see… “gluten-free” written on product labels naturally gluten-free in the first place.  Nothing gets me more fired up than seeing gluten-free kale chips.  I would hope food companies aren’t dousing my kale in wheat derivatives or other unnecessary preservatives.  Overall message:  Make your own food.  If you are concerned with gluten then making your own food significantly cuts down on any exposure.

Disclaimer:  Anyone with Celiac Disease must follow a gluten-free lifestyle and items labeled gluten-free are extremely helpful.

OUT: Honey, maple syrup, and agave nectar as health foods.

IN:  Demonization of sugar by health professionals.

RECOMMENDATION:  You see it everywhere… “made with local honey” or “all-natural.”  For some reason, numerous health food focused companies decided to jump on the minimally processed sugar band wagon.  Guess what?  IT IS STILL SUGAR.  Instead, choose a plain variety and flavor it yourself.  Example…steel cut oats are purchased and are sweetened with sliced bananas and pure vanilla extract. More research is supporting the addictive properties of sugar and will most likely become the “enemy” in the diet world.  Avoid looking at sugar as an enemy, but become aware of the sugar hidden in your food.  Again, make your own meals and there is less to worry about.

OUT: Protein.

IN:  Protein + Protein.

COMMENT:  Fiber One bars will now have extra protein.  You can purchase Cheerios with protein.  Bars will be fortified with what?  More protein. Making sure one gets enough protein throughout the day is absolutely essential; however, more doesn’t always mean better.  As you read this, make a promise to yourself.  Repeat in your head after me… “I, __(insert name)__, promise to rely on minimally processed sources of protein.” “My protein sources will be derived from foods such as high quality eggs, poultry, fatty fish, seafood, lean meats, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, minimal dairy, and incorporated into meals I cook myself.”  It is completely understandable one’s diet is never going to be perfect, but these food companies know what we want and right now the trend is getting extra protein every chance we get.  Overall message:  Consume and cook a variety of protein sources that are spread out throughout the day.

Eating well doesn’t have to be complicated.  However, the food industry knows we are confused and overwhelmed by what to eat or what not to eat.  Cook your own food and see what happens…perhaps you will start a “trend” that lasts a lifetime.


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