Wellness Wednesday – Natural Beauty

CTF Nutritionist/Coach – Christy Baroni 

Confession: this post has nothing to do with nutrition.  In my journey with healthy living I’ve been taking more and more opportunities to leave processed behind and find easy AND natural ways to live.

I’ve tried some DIY home beauty ideas that have all been pretty lackluster.  The honey facial scrub left me all pimply for over a week. And olive oil for body lotion?  Gross, and no. Don’t try it – it was a huge hot mess.

But here’s one that I LOVE!! If you have any hair on your head at all, whip this up this weekend and let me know what you think.

Mash 1 banana and ½ avocado together until really creamy.  Work generously through the ends of your hair and work it up the hair shaft, but not on your scalp.  Wrap your hair in to a loose bun and put a shower cap on your head for about 10 mins. Rinse clean with lukewarm to cool water for shiny hair that stays frizz-free for days!

This works for two reasons:  First, the potassium from the banana and the fatty acids in the avocado BOTH soften and condition the hair shaft, and second: the warmth from the shower cap will help your hair soak in all the good stuff.

If you love the way your hair feels after this, repeat this once every 2-3 weeks.  Enjoy!

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