What Can You Expect This April At CTF?


Spring is in the air and we’re ready to kick off beach season! We have quite a few “surprises” coming your way, but here’s some things you can expect from your favorite gym starting this April.

Strength is sexy!
Our CrossFit group class programming will shift to our spring strength cycle for the next 6-8 weeks. You can expect some things outside our normal “Wendler” framework during this time and look forward to conditioning workouts that will complement the strength work, help you recover from The Open AND aid you in leaning out for the beach.

Stop getting hung up on the bar or rings!
Coach Julie Stone from Island Gymnastics will be launching a FOUR WEEK MUSCLE UP PROGRAM here at CTF beginning mid-April. SPACE IS LIMITED. If you’d like to improve your muscle ups with instruction from a professional gymnastics instructor AND receive homework, click here and SIGN UP!

But what about the kids!?
Our Youth Athlete Conditioning Program is EXPLODING. Click here if you have kids who want to be fit. THERE ARE AGE LIMITS AND SPACE IS LIMITED!

PrimalFit is getting a sick makeover!
Hang on tight and get psyched as the coaches get together to REALLY blow the doors off Primal and RE-BOOT this concept into something that is raw, dirty, “next level intense” and brings that “spartan” edge back to the CTF axe. PrimalFit will be reintroduced at the 9am – 10am slot on Saturdays- beginning this Saturday- to help you have more time on Saturdays (BEEEACH DAYYYYSSS!) with family and loved ones. Saturday Open Gym will be from 7am to 8am and 10am to 12pm. The regular CF/TNT combo class will be from 8am to 9am.

Our program will improve your overall mobility this year as we strengthen our weaknesses!
At CTF, we are always evolving. Look for ALL NEW dynamic mobility segments in group classes to strengthen your body, sharpen your coordination and balance, and keep you healthy, happy and injury free.

Murph, BAMF and more programs, help and laughs are all waiting in the wings. Stay tuned. Get happy and what can we say except…

Live with Conviction. 🙂

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