What The CrossFit Open at CTF is REALLY About

by Craig Hysell

As The CrossFit Open draws closer, I see questions swirl around the heads of The Army. “What if I can’t do the movements?” “What if I embarrass myself?” “What if I let my Team down?” “What’s the CrossFit Open?”

First of all, if you can’t do the movements, embarrass yourself or let your Team down, we will simply shoot you. I’m just kidding! Don’t you see how ridiculous these things really are when you put them in perspective?

Pay attention to the right details, my friend.

Can’t do the movement? Don’t do it. Try really hard for the time limit of the workout and get the participation point for your Team.

Embarrass yourself? Impossible. Everybody here loves you. It’s like Olive Garden in here without the all you can eat breadsticks: When you’re here, you’re family. How the hell will you embarrass yourself?

Let your Team down? Ridiculous. What’s that even mean? If you can’t do the workout on Saturday, do the workout (have a friend judge you) on Friday or Monday during Open Gym. A good Team leans on one another, supports one another and encourages one another: do that and you’re a great Teammate.

Don’t live regretting what you didn’t do. Embrace your option for adventure.

The goal for The CTF Intramural Open is the same as our goal in here every other day of the year: be safe, have fun and learn something. Only this time, we get to hang out all together on a Saturday morning while doing it!

We get to do some workout together that somebody somewhere made up and get a snapshot of our awesomeness. (Most of you will do things you didn’t think you could do, by the way!) Then we get to have a beverage, high-five our Team, hug all our friends in The Army and celebrate our ability to come together and play at life while other people do not have the fortune to do so. It’s simply that and nothing more.

At the end of The Open, and the end of every single day, we are One Team. We are a family. I have never given one shit about your score, I only care if you have given your best and had fun doing it. THAT’S HOW YOU WIN AT LIFE!

I love you guys. Come and play with me during The Open. It’s a ridiculous amount of fun with some of the best people you will ever know.

You can sign up here for HQ CrossFit and be judged along with the rest of the world (just make sure you join CrossFit Hilton Head), or sign up here with us and not worry about the rest of the world.

P.S. During the CTF Intramural Open there are Rx’d (you do a majority of workouts at Rx’d and a few at LIII), Scaled (You do a majority of your workouts at LII or LIII) and Beginner (You do most of your workouts at Level I, TNT or Chisel) options.

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