Why Chics Should Lift Heavy

We always say at CrossFit Hilton Head that we come in here and train to be a better version of ourselves. Let’s be honest ladies, most of us have our physical body in mind when we say or hear this. I mean, why else go to a gym, let alone CrossFit, and push ourselves as hard as we do, if we don’t want to look good naked?

However, in this drive to look better physically, we somehow think this means we should not lift heavy weights. Why? Most of us are concerned with getting “bulky”. I’m not going to lie. I hate it when a girl or woman says something to the affect of, “I don’t want to get bulky, my goal is to lose weight, not to get stronger.” For me, these words are like hearing nails on a chalk board. Ladies, if your goal is to “tone” (also not my favorite word), to get defined arms, a flat stomach, a nice ass, and sexy legs, than I promise you, deviating from heavy weights is actually interfering with your goal, not helping you get there faster. Let’s look at some reasons why we should be trying to lift a heavier in our workouts.

1. Muscle burns fat. The more lean muscle you have the more fat you burn throughout the day (not just in workouts).
a. Side note: You can’t build lean muscle if you do not lift heavy weights.
2. As females we do not produce as much of the hormones that men do (including testosterone) that promote hypertrophy.
a. Side note: this means it is much harder for us to get “big”.
3. At CrossFit Hilton Head we do not “isolate” muscle groups. If you were picking up 40lb dumbbells and doing bicep curls, we would be having a different conversation.
4. Lifting heavy weights promotes better bone density.
a. When your muscles become stronger you as a whole become stronger. This includes bones, joints, and tissue. This also helps avoid injury.
b. Side note: This also means when you fall, you will be less likely to injure yourself.
5. Lifting heavier weights promotes a healthy sex drive. Ladies, do not act like I did not just get your attention.
a. Side note: Just trust me…or research it if you do not believe me. Better yet, you can test it!
I could go on with this list for a while. But, instead of “boring” you with the psychological and health benefits of lifting heavy weights, I will digress with the subjective information. The rest of these reasons are not factual. They are strictly my opinion.

6. It is empowering to lift heavy weights as a female. You will fell not only physically stronger, but mentally stronger as well.

7. When a chic lifts heavy weights guys think it’s hot. (At least the majority of guys…someone will try to prove me wrong).
a. Side Note: Do a survey
8. Lifting heavy weights is straight up badass.

Now that you are somewhat interested I will get back to details. Do you know that the more intense your workouts are (not just cardio intense, weight intense also) the more fat you burn when the workout is over? For instance, if I go for a light few mile run, or even do a workout with weights that does not really push my intensity, my body pretty much quits burning fat when I quit working out. However, if I do 8 rounds of 3 HEAVY clean and Jerks plus a 50m sprint, I will continue burning fat long after my workout is over.

I am going to end this article with something you may ask. What about the girls I see at the CrossFit Games or the body builders? Well, first of all many (not all) bodybuilders utilize “assistance”, so unless you are taking anabolics or HGH, along with eating strict, training for massive hypertrophy (many sets at high reps) and isolating body parts, you don’t have much to worry about. As far as the girls at the Games go, most of them are sexy, not bulky. But, with that said, they get that way through a very specific training program and through disciplined nutrition. So unless you are doing multiple strength pieces and metcons a day, at least 5 days a week, and eat A LOT of food, you will not get bulky. Even if you did do that you are way more likely to get sexy not bulky.

In conclusion I want to challenge you to try to lift heavier (obviously as much as technique allows). If you have been in this for a few months or a few years, and haven’t seen the changes you are looking for than you have nothing to lose, except body fat. Try it for a few months, and see what happens.

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