Why We Don’t “Demand” Loyalty

By Craig Hysell

Loyalty is not something you can demand. Loyalty is something you must earn.

This is a process which takes time and trust.

From our standpoint as a business, patience, empathy, self-awareness and communication must flow freely from business to member and, just as importantly, member to business.

Our members here are part of unique and happy sub-culture of hard-chargers, high-fivers and fun-lovers: The CTF Army.

These relationships do not come without bumps in the road. There WILL be misunderstandings at times. This is normal. It is part of The Process. It comes with clearer communication over time, higher levels of empathy and even apologies if necessary. It is like a family.

As time moves on, roots grow deeper and more resolute. Having a WHY as a business AND as a member are super important.

At CTF our WHY is to educate and empower our clients to live their dream.

Fitness is a means, not the end and in particular, OUR brand of fitness (coached functional movement, programmed intelligently where “safety, fun and learning something” are the house rules) is something still hard to understand for some.

For CTF to be the right fit for our members, we must be in tune with our member’s WHY and our program must be adaptable to the ebbs and flows of our member’s individual path along their journey of life.

That’s why we start with a complementary conversation.

That’s why our daily programming comes with so many user-friendly options. That’s why we offer CrossFit, Bootcamps and specialty courses. That’s why we have a fantastic personal training program and a licensed physical therapist assistant on staff. That’s why we have a nutrition program.

That’s why our staff genuinely asks, all the time, how our members are doing and, in turn, why our members so fiercely and happily support each other. We become a team: One Team.

This is how we help people HELP THEMSELVES carve out a happier life.

How would we know which route to go if the lines of communication were closed off or, worse, any digression or mistake was punished?

And how would our members feel if they weren’t constantly aware of our value system or see the improvements in their lives OUTSIDE the gym, not just INSIDE?

At CTF we respect that we are not for everybody.

We also respect our member’s investment of time, emotion, physicality and money here. We consistently operate on the idea that our business philosophy and our members must happily embrace the idea of continuous improvement or what would be the point?

There should always be another “mountain to climb”; and “continuous improvement” comes with a willingness (either voluntary or coached) to step outside one’s comfort zone.

We also understand that sometimes the grass can seem greener elsewhere. Sometimes, our paths must diverge. For those that leave, we wish them well and let them know we are here if they need us. For those that come back, our arms are open and a hug is waiting.

If we TRULY care about the people who invest in us, this is the way it MUST be.

Loyalty is the ultimate thank you and measure of respect. It is one we at CTF never take lightly and work hard to cultivate daily.

Thank you for YOUR loyalty. Much love and respect.

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