It’s the connections you’ll make, the coaching and education you’ll receive and the empowerment you’ll feel which transfers into your life outside the gym that make CTF the absolute best investment into your health.

But where did it all begin?

CTF was born as CrossFit Hilton Head, the passion child of coach and sometimes philosopher, Craig Hysell. Coach Craig’s love affair with CrossFit takes us back to 2007 when he began adding CrossFit mainsite workouts into his own training for rugby and MMA.

Coach Craig became an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer in 2008 and used the functional movement style with his clients giving them the best possible workout he could in the back of a local globo gym.

It was summer of 2009 when one of Coach Craig’s personal training clients suggested he open his own studio. It was never a question that the studio would be a CrossFit box. In Dec of 2009, Coach Craig received his CF L1 and applied for affiliation. Paperwork was filed, equipment was built by hand and doors opened on a 500 square-foot garage in March of 2010. The Original CrossFit Hilton Head was born. And workouts on Hilton Head Island have never been the same!

When it comes down to defining what’s special about CTF, it’s the people!

Summer of 2010 moved our growing community a few miles away to Palmetto Bay road. We spent almost a full four years there as CrossFit Hilton Head teaching, learning, growing our community, team and programs and having lots and lots of CFHH Fun!

By 2013 we could really feel the pressure of needing a larger facility, again. CFHH had evolved to offer far more than just CrossFit classes. Clients now had full time access to wellness and nutrition coaching and many specialized programs, Personal Training, Remote Coaching, sports team training and more. Athletes of all kinds were coming to us to be trained or utilize our functional facility. CFHH was developing some of the best fitness experts in the US and our programing (the workouts Coach Craig writes daily) was slowly becoming world-renowned. All this cool stuff was happening and we were still holding a minimum of eight classes a day on one singular training floor. Squeezing it all in was taking some creativity.

It was that creativity that got us thinking outside the box, quite literally. So, in December of 2013, we signed a new lease. We needed a new, bigger gym & a new gym name. One that let the world know they could find more than CrossFit in this new facility.

This is my favorite part of the story…

Everything CTF, the logo, the walls, the design for showers, the art on the walls, even the rain gutter over our back doors, literally everything was built by the hands of the CTF Army. This special group of people is like no other in the world.

Today, we still offer CrossFit classes and our affiliation is still CrossFit Hilton Head. But now CrossFit Hilton Head has a new home inside the fantastic Conviction Training Facility!

CTF is home to your extraordinary, well educated, fun, supportive and empathetic coaching team. You will find tons of different training options from Personal Training to CrossFit to TNT Bootcamp and Yoga. You’ll find our well rounded team includes certified personal trainers, nutrition coaches, weightlifting and track and field coaches and a SC board certified physical therapist assistant.

But most importantly, CTF is home to the CTF Army. This outstanding group of people is hard-working, non-judgmental, supportive and super-fun!

When you join the CTF Army, your family grows by the most eclectic and loveable 200-ish people. And these people are the definition of CTF. It’s not the facility, that’s just walls and equipment. The smart programming is part of it but you can follow the workouts online from anywhere. When it comes down to defining what’s special about CTF, it’s the people! It’s the staff, the members, their families and even our visitors. So stop by, try a class or book an appointment. I promise, you’ll feel it when you walk through the doors. It’s a special place. Come see for yourself.