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Become powerful beyond measure. CTF's world class fitness program has been continuously developed since 2010. Guidance, instruction, efficacy and programming are included and geared around the individual's needs for the most optimal training results. Everybody fits in and has fun, anybody can do it, there is a place for all to get started.


Do you need help in other areas of your life? We can help to improve your overall health and well being. We'll cover topics like exercise, diet, digestion, sleep cycles, energy levels, basics on nutrition, and stress.


  • Kali

    Thanks for all of your help, coaching and encouragement last week. I needed it more than you know...

  • Marie

    The CTF coaches knew I was an athlete before I did. I was never judged because of my size or limited because I was out of shape...

  • Ivy

    I can't imagine my life anymore without CTF, CTF shenanigans and all the awesome CTF people that have so positively affected my life. I love working out with my mom and showing my daughter from day one the importance of fitness.

  • Eryka

    My favorite CTF memory: The epic "F*ck yeah, check that sh*t out!" of my first muscle up.
    That gym changed my life.

  • Rachel

    Me, ... working out???!!! It has been an amazing experience for me to be a part of a gym that has been so inspirational and supportive...

  • Coach Jenna

    When we heard Coach Craig teach the push-up, we were in amazement!
    But the day I touched my toes for the first time, was epic! CTF has changed my life!

  • Sally

    In March of 2010, I remember walking into this small garage on Spanish Wells Rd...and Craig saying "let's run for a warm up" and thinking... I don't run!! I run/walk...

  • Robin

    I’m in awe of the camaraderie within these walls. This is a special bunch of people in a very special gym. I'm forever grateful for being a part of such an awesome place and can't wait for what's to come!!

  • Jason

    I am so grateful my wife and I found a community like this to share in our physical challenges and successes and to enjoy the rewards afterwards...

  • Morgan

    Just coming in, meeting y'all and learning crossfit..it has literally changed my life,forever :)) love y'all!!

  • Brett

    Such an awesome day today at CTF. So many came out today to push themselves and cheer each other on. Competition has never felt this way before. No wonder this is so addicting.

  • Brett

    I've been with CTF for 6 months and yesterday we repeated the baseline workout. The first day...

  • Alexis

    Since I joined CTF 10 months ago, I have no more panic attacks, anxiety over daily trivial things, or take the prescribed medicine to deal with the attacks.