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I’m not sure if all of you know, but I was one of the very first members of CTF, CrossFit Hilton Head at the time. Yes, I used a band when I started just like you. I joined when Craig first moved into his second facility on Bow Circle behind what’s now the new Grayco Hardware store – many of you remember the fantastic walls and the really perfect running loop. There are memories I have there that will always stand strong.

As a young fitness professional, I immediately fell in love with the concept and new that CTF was a community I wanted to join. Not knowing much about CrossFit, I was excited to learn and could quickly see that this was more than your traditional gym. You can tell within seconds that it wasn’t going to be a place where you simply showed up, did your own thing and talked to no one before leaving. The most impressive part of CTF to me, has always been its community, the relationships that are built and the people that you meet. It’s hard to find like minded and FUN people who care about the person next to them. This gym cares about how you move. It understands what everyone is going through. It meets you where you’re at. With how busy we are these days, where else would you have the opportunity to cultivate strong relationships and share such amazing experiences? There’s not many places like CTF ladies and gentleman.

Starting as a member three years ago and then becoming a Coach for the last three has truly been life changing. I never would have thought that a local gym could make such a profound impact. I’ve seen this impact in a lot of different people. I started my career in the fitness industry right after graduating from Clemson University and now find myself going strong with way more knowledge and experience than I could have ever imagined at the age of twenty-seven years young. In the last six years, I’ve created a remote wellness coaching program, tackled the role as Fitness Director of Fox News rated #1 weight loss spa, Hilton Head Health, created many CTF group training programs towards local endurance events, have coached Ironman and Marathon runners across the US and internationally, worked my way up to becoming one of the Head Coaches for CrossFit Endurance (now running the main site programming), and over the last year I’ve been the Director of Operations for CTF managing the schedule and personal training non-stop. As you can tell, the laundry list of opportunities and professional experiences is not very short. Don’t even get me started on the athletic spectrum. It’s been incredible. Lots of hustle and want-to-learn-and-get-better involved, but I owe a lot of my professional progress to CTF.


“What we do in here, makes us stronger out there,” a phrase often spoken by Coach Craig is absolutely true. There’s no questioning the principles he’s instilled for what some people may think of as “just a workout” at the gym. At CTF, there’s always a “why” and this is something I’ve applied to my life, training and relationships to continually evolve as a person. I am extremely grateful for such strength and confidence this facility has given me. I wouldn’t have taken risks in my career or believed in my abilities otherwise if it wasn’t for this place. CTF makes you stronger. Plain and simple your life gets better by consistently showing up to CTF.

With that, I must announce that I will be moving (Lindsay too of course) before the year is up to Brevard, North Carolina. I have accepted a full time role as a Program Director for a new start up Weight Loss Resort called SkyTerra Wellness. This opportunity is extremely exciting for both of us. We will be working once again with people struggling with lifestyle changes. Helping others to create healthier routines has always been just as exciting to me as someone training for a marathon. From the very beginning, my vision has been to impact the lives of the people around me. This opportunity allows me that bigger platform to follow that vision, keep growing professionally, and impact more people as hopefully I’ve done at CTF. My endurance work will not be dismissed. Look out for my new website called Runjuryfree. I’ve aligned with a number of coaches and athletes to keep spreading the quality over quantity approach of endurance training. If you’d like to keep up with me, please sign up for the newsletter.

Before taking off, I wanted to let you guys know a few things. I truly believe in this community. You guys are unbelievable. I’m thankful for having the opportunity to work with each of you. For the respect you’ve given me on the endurance spectrum and the fun we’ve had in classes. I’ll miss everyone a great deal as I know Lindsay will and hope that we keep many of the relationships we’ve developed as a part of this fantastic community. I’ve never been someone whose scared of change, but unfortunately leaving CTF is part of this change. To this day, I’m still excited to get up in front of the CTF crowd and Coach a class. I’ll never forget how much Craig and the staff has taught me. Craig’s been a true mentor in my life. I have countless memories from all my endurance series especially the Blue Ridge Relay and Savannah Rock N Roll events. The trust you guys have had in me. I feel like I’ve seen so many of you tackle things outside your comfort zones. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ll miss this place very much. I’ll miss you guys and the experiences…


What I’d like each of you to remember is that you can do anything. Don’t ever doubt yourself. You have amazingly supportive coaches and athletes around you that you can always go to – they’ll make you better. The people around you care about you. They won’t accept a pessimistic mindset. Get rid of those thoughts. You’re right place to achieve your vision. I know it worked out for me.

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