CTF Fall League. Week 2

Welcome to this week’s installment of the CTF Fall League.

Last week we tested endurance, this week we test strengf!

And if last week’s epicness blew your mind, this is going to blow your mind in a whole different way!

Remember, all of the CTF Army is highly encouraged to attend and root for your favorite team. The energy in the room last week was insane! Bringing your own beverages, your children, your friends and a bite to eat are more than welcome.

We will need 7 judges, so if you want to get involved, we sure could use you!

This week’s workout: The Total:

Each Team will acquire 1 rep maxes* in the

Back Squat

Shoulder to Overhead


*Scroll down for requirements for each lift

The Twist:

  • This is a shotgun start. All teams will begin at 6:40pm. (Quick Q&A at 6:35pm)
  • Each Team will have exactly 15:00 to max out for each movement. This is a rolling clock. THERE WILL BE NO TIME ADDED FOR TRANSITIONS.
  • You must max out in the order that the Total is written.
  • Teams will be scored on the highest male 1RM completed and the highest female 1RM completed for each movement. (Ex. Joe CF backs squats 365 and Jane CF back squats 275, the team’s Total Back Squat score is 365 + 275: 645)
  • Not all teammates have to lift for each movement. Just the highest male lift and the highest female lift will be recorded.
  • Winners will be decided by adding the Team Back Squat + the Team Shoulder to Overhead + the Team Deadlift.

The Schedule:

Beasts and Broads v. OG’s v. Knuckle Sandwich

Figure it Out v. Boots & Pants

Bad News Bear Squats v. Power & Pace

Lifting Requirements:

A 45# barbell is required for each lift for both male and female. You may only use one rack per team.

Teams are permitted to wear wrist wraps, knee sleeves, weight belts and lifting shoes. No other gear is permitted. No lifting straps, no knee wraps, no bodysuits, etc.

Back Squat:

Out of a rack.

The lift is complete when the loaded athlete’s hip crease drops below the knee and the athlete stands back up unassisted to a lock out position with the hips fully open, chest vertical and legs straight with the load still on his or her back..

A spotter is required for max back squat attempts. If the spotter touches the athlete after the athlete intiates the downward phase of the lift and before “Good” is called by the judge, it is a no rep.

Shoulder To Overhead:

Out of a rack.

You may strict press, push press, push jerk or split jerk the weight from rack position to overhead with hips fully extended, arms locked out overhead and both feet underneath your hips.

The Judge will call “Good” when the rep is good. Should the athlete lower the weight before “good” is called, this is a no rep.


The bar will begin on the floor. The athlete must face into the middle of the training room floor. Conventional Deadlift and Sumo Deadlift are okay. Over/under grip is okay. The lift will be completed when the loaded athlete stands with the legs straight, hips locked out and shoulders behind the bar and the judge calls, “Good!”


Remember, at the end of the day, have fun with each other, you are all on the same team: One Team. Cheers!

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