CTF’s Murph Challenge 2016

On Monday, May 30, CTF will honor Memorial Day in our traditional style: with Murph.

But this year’s different.

This year CTF has signed up with The Murph Challenge.

Those that register with The Official Murph Challenge will get:
1. A Murph t-shirt or hat (or both)
2. Compete on a worldwide leaderboard with others like you doing the Murph Challenge (register with Conviction Training Facility)
3. And contribute to the LT Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation (click here to read a letter from Dan Murphy, Michael’s father).


For the next 4 Saturday’s in May, we will be programming “Murph Prep” workouts.

These workouts will take place at 8am on Saturday at our regular group class. They cost nothing extra. You have to do nothing extra. Just be yourselves.

Feel free to bring in friends each Saturday in May (and on Memorial Day Murph!) to workout with you.

CTF will be waiving our normal $20 drop in fee every Saturday in May and instead ask for a small donation from your friends at the door (there is no set minimum or maximum on donations).

All “Murph Prep” Saturday donations will be given to the Honor Our Heroes Foundation on Memorial Day.

Your friends are also encouraged to sign up for The Murph Challenge. YOU CAN REGISTER HERE. BE SURE TO SIGN UP WITH CONVICTION TRAINING FACILITY AS YOUR AFFILIATE.

Murph will be Monday, May 30 at 9am at CTF. This will be the only class for the day. Please direct your questions to the Event’s Coordinator, Ed Sealy in person or at: ed@convictiontraining.com

Afterward we will go to the beach and honor the lives of all who have died for our country by living free ourselves and enjoying each other’s company.

Murph helps us remember the fallen together, respect our community as well as our country and understand the price it takes to remain free.

It’s a day to share with the ones you love. (Be sure to forward them this information if they are not a part of the CTF Army!)

It’s not a day you will want to miss… or be untrained for!

Yours in freedom,

Craig, Dayna, Ed and the Rest of the CTF Team.

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