CTF’s NEW Fall/Winter Class Schedule Announced!


This fall, your bestest rock star buddy, CTF, is excited to help you better navigate your hectic schedules with brand new morning class options!

We understand that CTF Army folks like you live a crazy busy life. We know having kids can be tough, jobs can be tough and finding time for yourself can be tough. Being awesome can come with some baggage. We get you.

And that’s why we have your back. Because that’s what great communities do.

Beginning August 10, the 6am CrossFit class time will be split into two new CrossFit class start times!

CrossFit classes will now be available on Monday through Friday at 5:30am and 6:30am!

(Open Gym on Monday-Friday will still be available from 7:30am to 8am.)

So, beginning August 10, get up a little earlier or sleep in a little longer to make that weekday go as freakin’ smoothly outstanding as possible.

If blog posts were high-fives, this would be one of those kinds of blog posts.

See you on the mat! Love, CTF.


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