Endurance 11.1.2014

SQ: “I believe that by living as athletes we live more fully.” – Gloria Averbuch

MOB: Calves. Ankles. Hips. Hamstrings. Tspine.

WU: 400m Run

Run: 60minutes @ 70% effort

*Goal is NOT to run at the pace you will run your race, but at an effort to keep you comfortable for next weekend

*Taper starts this week

*45 – 60seconds back of projected RP recomended

LIII: 45minutes

LII: 30minutes

LI: 20minutes

CD: Light weight on all exercises 3 x 15 of R.Hyper, Pushups, Situps, Air Squats, KB Swings

MOB: Roll out FEET and CALVES on BB. Couch Stretch. Hamstring floss with KB.


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