Fix Yourself Friday: ITB pain shouldn’t stop your run

Have you ever gone on a run and the side of your leg starts to throb and ache to the point where you have to call it a day?

Pain that intensifies when you squat, before and after running, or when you get out of a chair is a problem. The good news is it’s probably nothing too serious and will just take dynamic rest, strength training and a mechanical fix. Yes run mechanics is usually the biggest issue you’re facing here.

Side hip pain running down to the knee or ITB pain is mostly caused by excessive inflammation down the hip that is resulting from the way your feet are hitting the ground in relation to your GCM (general center of mass) and of course how tight your TFL (tensor fascia lata) seems to get.

For the mechanical fix, check out our quick Fix Yourself Friday video below!

Other things to consider include…

Dynamic Rest – avoid stressing the joint until the inflammation goes away and it no longer aches before acitivty

Employ SMR – dig into those quads and all around the area of restriction

Strengthen it – Squats, deadlifts and well programmed accessory work will make a difference

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