Friday. 7.14.17

MOB: Dynamic mobility.
WU: Practice the barbell movements you want to use for the day’s activities.

For time:
Using any movement you want at any weight you want, at any rep scheme you want, perform the following: Men move 24,000 lbs/ Women move 16,800 pounds.

You may take breaks as needed. You may raise and lower weight as needed.

For example:
Load up the barbell (men 100#/ladies 70#) and perform the following:
8 cycles of:
6 Deadlifts
6 Hang Cleans
6 Ft. Squats
6 Push Press
6 Back Squats

Another example might be:
40 deadlifts at 600/420

Another example might be:
50 back squats 240/168
50 bench presses 240/168

Another example might be:
240 DB arm curls at 50#’s each arm/35#’s each arm

Literally any movement you want, any way you want at any weight you want. Just work, have fun and get the task completed!

Option 1: 18000 men/14,700 women

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