Knowledge Bomb Tuesday. On Becoming CTF-Conviction Training Facility. Part II. The How

by Craig Hysell

Last week we rolled out that we are adding to our CrossFit Hilton Head name in an epic blog post.

If you missed the blog post, (it was ridiculously amazing and informative by the way) just click here.


How can you best take advantage of all that’s going down at the new gym? How can you get more for yourself than you ever dreamed possible here? The great workouts are just the tip of the iceberg, my friends. If you’re not doing this already, YOU NEED TO START DOING THESE 3 THINGS.

1. Get Informed. If you aren’t reading the workout posts, you should start. Right now. Tonight. Fo’ reals. Friend us on Facebook (just type in CrossFit Hilton Head for now… we will be transitioning to a CTF business page in the future) or subscribe to the email list in the left hand corner of this post and get it sent directly to your Inbox. (If you don’t read the posts because you don’t want to see the workouts, that’s cool, but you’re missing the first third of a post generally chocked full of amazing information you could be using to get even more awesome.) There will be TONS of community updates, news blasts, sweet videos, amazing content pertaining to contests, events, mobility drills, motivational tools, technique drills, nutritional guides etc. Don’t be the lost guy or girl in class, wondering what everybody’s talking about or why everybody is getting so much better than you so quickly. TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP!

2. Be Proactive. As we transition to our new facility and you stay informed, institute the changes necessary to make your personal transition as seamless as possible as quickly as you can. Don’t wait to create the habits that you see us guide you toward. Implementing anything new that we ask of you will create the most opportunity for your success. Pay attention to any new protocol, program or process as it is rolled out to you and make the effort to dial it in. At the most, it will take you a week to get used to any changes and don’t ever forget that everything we do, we do to make your time with us not just better… but last longer outside the gym where it’s the most important. When you go all in, you will reap the incredible rewards of our athletes who take FULL ADVANTAGE OF THEIR MEMBERSHIP.

3. Audit Nothing. Just about everybody hates change, even you, whom we ask to step outside your comfort zone daily. When you see opportunities that we present to you, take full advantage of your membership and get after them. Sometimes they will be a free service to you and part of the awesome(r) and improved program you get at CTF… more so than we have ever done before. Sometimes events, seminars, clinics, training camps, creative courses, etc. will cost extra yet come with a discounted cost to our members. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM! I watch people all the time sit on the sidelines and then talk to their friends who came to one of our programs. The spectators inevitably ask, “When are you guys doing that again?” I don’t know when. Maybe never. Jump in with both feet and suck the marrow out of life!

I cannot express to you enough how exciting this journey is going to get. Embrace this today and see where you go in the next 6 months. It’s going to feel a lot like this little scene below on the inside… and get you further than you ever thought possible on the outside:

I have come to understand that I live with Conviction.
And there is no better way to suck the marrow from life.

Do you live with Conviction?

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