Monday. 6.12.17

MOB: Full body mobility
WU: 400m run. 5 BB front squats. 10 bb hang power cleans.

S: Front Squats. 5 front squats EMOM for 10:00 at 55% of last week’s 1RM. :05 pause at bottom of squat.Barbell shall be taken from the floor on each set. You may squat clean the first rep.

C: In 12:00 perform the following:
1 mile run
Max rep hang power cleans in the remaining time 155/105

Record number of hang power cleans or how far you ran or rowed!

Option 1: 135/95
Option 2: Weight of choice
Option 3: Parking lot laps for 9:00. Max hang power cleans for 3:00.

PWMOB: Stretch calves, hamstrings, hip flexors and triceps. U/D dog x3.

Advanced: Hang Power Cleans 185/135
Endurance: 1.5 miles. 135/95.

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